Ice cream superlatives in Columbus, Ohio

This sandwich is made with peanut butter cookie dough ice cream | Photo via @swichsocial

We all scream for ice cream in the summertime, so here are five ice cream superlatives to fulfill your sweet tooth. 🍨

Unique cone 🍨

CRMD Ice Cream in the Short North not only waffle cones, but also puffle cones. Puffles are popular in Hong Kong and look similar to bubble wrap with bubbles throughout. They are served hot with a crispy texture on the outside and a chewy inside + pair perfectly with cold ice cream.

Try the green tea matcha ice cream in the puffle cone | Photo via @getcrmd

Rolled ice cream 🍨

Simply Rolled Ice Cream rolls their ice cream into cylinders on an ice cold pan, which creates a different shape and texture than traditional ice cream. Some of their signature rolls include Buckeye Madness, Gone Bananas, and Get S’more

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try the cotton candy burrito on the menu, which has cotton candy flavored ice cream, sprinkles, marshmallow sauce, and Fruity Pebbles in a burrito of cotton candy.

The Get S’more roll comes topped with toasted marshmallows and graham crackers | Photo via @simplyrolled

Frozen yogurt 🍨

If self-serve froyo is your go-to, try OH-YO Frozen Yogurt in Grove City. With flavors like white chocolate mousse, creamy mint cookie, and root beer float, there’s something for everyone. Plus, top your bowl with 70+ toppings including fruits, candy, and nuts. 

Pro tip: Your bowl is weighed at checkout to determine the cost. 

Ice cream sandwiches 🍨

Switch up your normal ice cream order at S’wich Social in Italian Village. Create your own large ice cream sandwich by first choosing your cookies — which vary from options like cookies and cream to snickerdoodle. Next, you choose your ice cream to go in the middle, and some of the choices include Oreo, cookie dough, and even iced latte which has caffeine. Finish the sandwich off with toppings, ranging from Nutella to cheesecake bites.