COSI’s new Titantic-themed exhibit opens in Columbus

The science-based museum will put visitors in the position of passengers on the historic Titanic throughout the experience.


This educational experience is intended for all ages. | Photos via COSI

You don’t need to travel to the North Atlantic Ocean to visit the Titanic wreckage, and we wouldn’t recommend it anyways.

Instead, we suggest stopping by COSI to visit its newest experience, “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.” This safe, immersive, and educational experience opens tomorrow and is on display until Monday, Sept. 2. We are shipping out the details right here.

Setting sail

This exhibition places visitors as passengers on the historic ship. Throughout the experience, they will see 200+ artifacts that were respectfully recovered from the wreck site with full-scale recreations. This ranges from artwork to debris; photos to spoken word history; and models of the malevolent iceberg.

CBUStoday COSI Titanic iceberg

Visitors will be able to touch a replica of the iceberg that sunk the ship. | Photo via COSI

Story time

There were 2,240 people on the Titanic and 1,517 of them tragically died during the wreck. This exhibit remembers all who boarded the boat and recounts their stories + heartbreak through personal items. This includes the traumatic tale of Ruth Elizabeth Becker, a 12-year-old girl who survived the crash despite being separated from her family.

Snapping photos

We wanted to put a spotlight on Francis Browne, an Irish photographer that was on the Titanic. He actually disembarked in his homeland before the crash. During this journey, he snapped a handful of photos showing some of the most coveted, behind-the-scene photos of passenger life on the Titanic. They will be on display.


Learn about personal stories from the Titanic. | Photo courtesy of COSI

Boarding passes

Visitors will need to purchase a general admission ticket as well as a Titanic ticket to view the exhibit. Bundles are available online, and members receive a discount on both tickets.