With more than 400+ responses from CBUStoday readers and followers, these are the top now-closed businesses that once called Columbus, Ohio home.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has deep roots in Columbus culture, dating back to the 1970s when a friendship began between the bodybuilder and a local promoter.
Columbus, Ohio has been to home to iconic restaurants, bars, and businesses throughout its history — but many of them have closed. Which were your favorite?
President’s Day is on Monday, Feb. 19, and we are diving into Ohio’s rich history with putting political figures in the White House.
The Ohio Theatre was supposed to be demolished in 1969, but a local arts group rallied to keep the iconic theater alive.
The Ohio State Limited, a now-defunct passenger rail, offered people in Columbus, Ohio a convenient way to travel to New York City in the early 1950s.
Columbus, Ohio often experiences extreme temperatures during the winter season— but what do record breaking winters look like?
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. To honor Dr. King, check out these events, parks, and volunteer opportunities in Columbus.
Your home, your favorite coffee shop, your daily commute aren’t just written in the skyline — they may be written in the stars.
Take a look at various photos of Columbus, Ohio during the holidays throughout different decades.
With the Columbus Crew back in the MLS Cup finals, we are taking a look at the last time the Ohio-based soccer team won a championship.
Learn about the history, traditions, and stats of the rivalry between Ohio State football and TTUN ahead of Saturday’s noon kickoff.
Take a look at the numerous times Columbus, Ohio has been the backdrop for popular movies and televsion series.
Stay up to speed on the possibility of passenger rails in Columbus and the rest of Ohio as state and local lawmakers take the first steps.
The Ohio State University’s Drake Center is being demolished this week to make way for more campus-area projects. Here’s a quick history of the 50+ year old buildng.
Amazon has invested billions of dollars into Ohio, including massive data centers and state-of-the-art retail fronts.
A Barbie-themed experience is now on display at COSI in Columbus, Ohio that encourages young kids to follow their dreams.
Browse before-and-after photos of five locations in Columbus, Ohio that are reportedly haunted by ghosts, spirits, and otherworldly beings.
“Then and Now” is a free downloadable catalog of the early days of Columbus, Ohio, including facts, photos, and more.
These seven Ohio cities were named after other major cities in the world. Learn what led them to their names.
The Ohio History Connection hosts the Ohio Cup, an annual vintage “base ball” festival that brings 25+ vintage teams from across the state and country to play by the 1860s rules of the game.
With a $2 billion terminal planned for the John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, OH, we are taking a look at its nearly 100 year history.
Columbus, Ohio continues to grow and evolve thanks to development, but we want to take a moment to remember the days of the past.
Prior to 1987, Dublin, Ohio was a rural village, often described as a “poor farm town.” Now, it boasts 50,000 residents and 4,000+ businesses.
From the Wonder Bread sign to the downtown bridges, these are the most iconic sightings that truly make up Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. David Paitson will serve as the CEO of Columbus Fury, a new professional volleyball team launching in Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus has an incredibly rich history that is showcased in museums throughout the area. From COSI to the Columbus Museum of Art, pay a visit to these various spots to learn all there is to know about CBUS.
US astronaut John Glenn, born July 18, 1921, is a beloved Ohio figure for his accolades and achievements in space, politics, and local culture.
When it comes to seeing UFOs, Bigfoot, and other creatures, your chances are reportedly higher in Columbus, OH than other cities in the US.
The Old COSI website offers a chance for long-time residents of Columbus, OH to relive their memories of the popular science museum before its modernization.
Ohio man David Brandt found viral fame in 2012 after a photo of him became a beloved meme on the internet, which it still stands as today.
Good news for Columbus.
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