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13 iconic landmarks you can’t miss in Columbus

From the Wonder Bread sign to the downtown bridges, these are the most iconic sightings that truly make up Columbus, Ohio.


Even spending time outside on a clear, sunny day is sure to wow guests in Columbus.

Photo by @djgonzownci

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We’ve all been there: Someone’s trying to give you directions by describing 10 lefts, 20 rights, and a jumble of cardinal directions. Isn’t it easier to just point out a landmark?

That’s exactly what we’re doing. We have 13 of the most recognizable Columbus landmarks — from the Wonder Bread sign to the downtown bridges. Not only are these local icons easy to remember, but they’ll also get you where you need to go in a jiffy.

Wonder Bread sign

  • Address: Corner of Hamlet Street + Warren Street
  • Nearby: I-670 on-ramp

It’s hard to miss this giant marquee-style sign, especially when it’s lit up at night. The former bread factory where this sign resides is now the Wonder Bread Lofts, an apartment complex near the Short North.

CBUStoday Dispatch sign

When was the last time you saw the Dispatch sign at night? | Photo by @higa_949

The Columbus Dispatch sign

  • Address: 34 S. Third St.
  • Nearby: Capitol Square + the Ohio Statehouse

Speaking of hard-to-miss signs, this massive marquee represents the local newspaper’s 150+ years reporting in the city. While the newspaper has since moved to new locations, the sign has remained a downtown staple in the sky.

Lazarus Building

  • Address: 141 S. High St.
  • Nearby: Columbus Commons

If you have lived in Columbus for 50+ years, this area looks much different nowadays. While it now houses restaurants and pharmacies, this used to be the premiere department store downtown, offering both jobs for those in the area + a one-stop-shop for local families. Shoot us an email if you still remember the eye-grabbing holiday displays.

LeVeque Tower

  • Address: 50 W. Broad St.
  • Nearby: Downtown + Scioto Mile

This skyscaper stood as tallest building in Columbus for nearly 50 years. While it is no longer the tallest in the city, its upscale hotel and bar have remained top-notch spot for couples having a night out on the town.

Nationwide's headquarters in downtown Columbus | Photo via Nationwide

Nationwide’s headquarters in downtown Columbus. | Photo via Nationwide

Nationwide Building

  • Address: One Nationwide Plaza
  • Nearby: Downtown

Whether you are downtown or in the Short North, this large office building can often be seen. It’s home to one of the biggest insurance providers in the nation, and it frequently displays messages cheering on the Columbus Blue Jackets, or wishing those who pass by a happy holidays.

“Current” art display

  • Address: Above Gay Street and High Street
  • Nearby: Columbus Museum of Art + Columbus College of Art and Design

Janet Echelman, a world-renowned artist, is know for creating big works of art, and her work in CBUS is no different. “Current” is now the longest public artwork in city history. It reaches 126 ft above the street and spans 229 ft, using 78+ miles of twine in total.

The 20 ft tall, 12 ft wide slingshot sculpture in Franklinton | Photo via @franklintonart

The 20 ft tall, 12 ft wide slingshot sculpture in Franklinton | Photo via @franklintonart

Giant slingshot

  • Address: Corner of Sullivant Avenue + Lucas Street
  • Nearby: River & Rich

A 20-ft tall slingshot can be found in Franklinton from local industrial artist Andrew Lundberg. This serves as a visual reminder of the momentum building between Franklinton and Columbus + a nod to the “mischievous nature that makes us who we are.”

Arch Park

  • Address: 218 West St.
  • Nearby: Nationwide Arena

This park outside of Nationwide Arena is also known as McPherson Commons Park. The big arch has stood in the Arena District for decades, and has even served as the backdrop for many hype videos for the Columbus Blue Jackets during the “Defend Nationwide” campaigns.

Ohio Stadium in 1922 | Photo courtesy of Ohio History Connection

Ohio Stadium in 1922 when it was built. | Photo courtesy of Ohio History Connection

Ohio Stadium

  • Address: 411 Woody Hayes Dr.
  • Nearby: The Ohio State University

From sellout concerts to the biggest games in college football history, the Shoe is always rocking in Columbus. This stadium was built in 1922 and can hold 102,780 total fans, making it among the biggest stadiums in the US.

The Makers Monument

  • Address: 807 N. High St.
  • Nearby: Hubbard Grille + TownHall

This enormous sculpture in the Short North weighs in at 7,000+ lbs, and was named one of the top 100 pieces of public art by Coda Works. The project is one of the biggest art investments in city history, and it comes by the hands of Mark Reigelman.

Schiller Park sculptures

  • Address: 1069 Jaeger St.
  • Nearby: German Village

These seemingly floating sculptures by Jerzy Kᶒdziora, a Polish artist, were such a hit that the city decided to keep them as permanent fixtures in the park. Each one is suspended by industrial wire, and one of our favorites is the person rowing a boat across the pond.

CBUS skyline | Photo via @exploringseasons

We can’t get enough of this skyline. | Photo via @exploringseasons

Downtown bridges

  • Address: Main Street and Broad Street
  • Nearby: COSI and Genoa Park

We’d be lying if we said this isn’t one of our favorite spots in the city — just check out our Instagram page. The Main Street bridge is most notable for the large arches that span across it on each end, and the Broad Street bridge is more commonly known as the “Discovery Bridge.”

CBUStoday kayaking dublin.png

This river is relatively calm and flat, making it great for beginners. | Photo via @bridgeparkdublin

Dublin’s pedestrian bridge

  • Address: Spans Bridge Park Avenue
  • Nearby: The North Market Dublin + the Scioto River

Do we love downtown’s bridges, or Dublin’s pedestrian bridge more? The true answer is we are like a parent and love all our kids equally. This one earns some extra points for glowing in the night sky, often themed to the month such as rainbow in June. Just don’t tell the downtown bridges we said that.

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