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15 must-see murals around Columbus

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around Columbus.

Get aligned for the perfect IG post at this Chakra Mural. | Photo by @andrewlivelsberger

Get aligned for the perfect IG at this Chakra Mural | Photo by @andrewlivelsberger

We all know that CBUS has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about the Columbus Museum of Art. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Columbus itself.

The Capital City is home to a number of meaningful murals. Today, we’re sharing where to find pieces that really paint a picture of our city.

Short North Summer Spray 2022, Park Street + High Street | By multiple artists
Last summer, the Short North Arts District held its annual Summer Spray where 10 Ohio-based artists were tapped to create murals. All of the murals are now on display in a row on Park Street, near High Street.

CBUStoday Short North Mural

This mural was created by Dane Khy, @dane.khy. | Photo via @shortnorthartsdistrict

Spread More Love, 1033 N. High St. | By Bryant Anthony
Spreading more love doesn’t have to be just a Brooklyn thing like B.I.G. said — it can be a Columbus thing, too. That’s the message of this mural full of hearts located in the Short North.

Are You A Life-Force?, 733 N. High St. | By Sally Meier
Find this mural on the side of Bakersfield in the Short North, which is a tribute to a song called “By and By” by the Columbus-based band Caamp. Bonus points: The artwork was done by Sally Meier, mother of Caamp frontman, Taylor Meier.

Pride Circles, 1160 N. High St. | By Lisa McLymont
Not all murals have to be on walls — just ask Lisa McLymont who made this street art mural for Stonewall Columbus. The colorful circles each represent parts of the spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community and showcase the ripple effects of their combined efforts over the decades.

CBUStoday Pride Circles.png

Lisa McLymont wants her artwork to bring communities together. | Photo via Stonewall Columbus

Mona Lisa, 28 Bollinger Pl. | By Brian Clemons
Did you know the Mona Lisa is in Columbus? Well, kind of. Head to the Italian Village to find a huge mural of Mona shifted onto her side + let us know if her eyes still follow you.

SOHUD, 2515 Summit St. | By multiple artists
A total of five artists came together to create this mural on Summit Street + Hudson Street: Justin “Ketchup” Withrow, Dr. Seller, Mandi “Birdy” Caskey, Badjxck, and Slugger City Sign Co. Bonus points: This is also the location for the SOHUD Market, an outdoor vintage store.

Bird Tunnel Mural, 2702 Indianola Ave. | By Isabel Frances Bongue
This artwork was recently restored after the community raised funds to preserve it. Now, it’s on full display underneath the bridge in Glen Echo Park thanks to the efforts of an Ohio-based artist.

CBUStoday Love Thy Neighbor mural new 2

Artist Carly Mitchell said she had one goal for this mural — make people happy. | Photo by Carly Mitchell

Love Thy Neighbor, 1417 W. 5th Ave. | By Carly Mitchell
This mural was recently updated after Hot Chicken Takeover opened inside the former Sweet Carrot space. Carly Mitchell was the original artist for the Sweet Carrot mural, and she was asked again to update the artwork for HCT.

HOPE, 245 N. Grant Ave. | By Jeremy Jarvis
If you look close enough, you’ll find the word “hope” inside the optical illusion. To us, that feels symbolic of finding hope in obscure places — you just have to look a bit more closely.

Columbus Color Wall, 216 E. Main St. | By Nick Kinney
Looking for a colorful backdrop for your next Instagram post? That’s easy — just stop by the Columbus Color Wall.

People’s Mural of Columbus, 1450 E. Main St. | By Brian Moss + Hakim Callwood
Columbus Libraries commissioned the creation of this mural that features critically-acclaimed Columbus writer Hanif Abdurraqib. The painting shows a powerful quote from Hanif + is both a reminder of our current loved ones as well as those no longer with us.

They Tried To Bury Us, 1340 E. Main St. | By Patrick Torres
Thus mural holds a powerful message about growth and representation: “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.” This is a quote from Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos, who was speaking in reference to LGBTQ+ rights in the early 1970s.

CoLOVEbus mural | Photo by @mx.gay_photography

What do you love about Columbus? | Photo by @mx.gay_photography

Columbus Love Mural, 220 E. Main St. | By Alex Haldi + Nick Kinney
During the day, the mural reads as “Columbus,” but at night bright neon lights turn on, spelling out “LOVE” inside our city’s name. Check out this time lapse painting video for a closer look.

Chakra Mural, 476 E. Mound St. | By Ryan Orewiler
This colorful mural, created by a local artist, spans the entire side of this downtown building. The painting spans seven different colors which represents the various chakras, a belief of seven specific energies within the body.

Stolen Joy, 218 McDowell St. | By Katie Golonka
Some local murals hold powerful messages, like this one on the outside of the Vanderelli Room in Franklinton. The mural was created during the 2020 social justice protests and pays homage to Black lives.

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