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25 gyms in Columbus, OH

From lifting weights, indoor cycling, personal training, dance fitness, trampoline classes, and sauna sessions — we’ve rounded up 25 gyms and fitness offerings around Columbus.

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Studio Torch classes in Franklinton and Grandview are available to book on ClassPass. | Photo by @studiotorch

Exercising doesn’t look the same for everyone — what’s fun and muscle-building for one person may be a slog for someone else.

Fortunately, Columbus is home to many opportunities for exercise, whether you enjoy lifting weights, dancing to hip hop tunes for a little cardio action, or boxing for a full-body workout. Use this guide as a resource for all-things fitness in CBUS.

Pro tip: Not sure which to try first? Try out multiple gyms with a free trial on ClassPass.

For those who enjoy working out alongside others

The Fitness Loft Columbus, 625 Parsons Ave.
Try a group fitness class ranging from yoga to boxing to strength training. A variety of free weights and cardio equipment is also on-site if you’d rather workout alongside your friends or partner.

Sparked Society Gym, 2840 N. High St.
This gym is primarily dedicated to strength training, with free weights, squat racks, and and other lifting equipment available. Plus, workout at any hour since it’s open 24/7.

Snap Fitness, Multiple locations
Find locations is top spots like the Short North, German Village, and Clintonville. All gyms include a variety of cardio and weights equipment.

Avenue X Fitness, 1562 King Ave.
The group training schedule has classes dedicated to arms, core, full body, legs, cardio, and glutes. No sign-up is needed in advance.

StudioTorch, Multiple locations
Choose the gym in Grandview or Franklinton for guided group classes that take you through weights, treadmill exercises, and rowing.

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Take a semi-private session at The Human Form. | Photo by @thehumanform_cbus

For those who want one-on-one training

Chiseled Gym, 37 E. 5th. Ave.
This private, personal training studio starts with a free fitness evaluation. Your trainer will build a personalized workout for you to complete in an empty gym, either alone or with a partner.

The Human Form, 1197 Chesapeake Ave.
Choose a semi-private session for groups up to five people or a private training membership for true one-on-one guidance.

Sweat Box Fitness, 935 King Ave.
Fill out a form about your fitness goals to get matched with the best trainer for you. Plus, your first training session is free.

Beyond Limits Training, 294 E. Long St.
One-on-one sessions are an hour long, and pricing is as follows: $70 for one class, $240 for four classes, and $400 for eight classes.

Precision Wellness Personal Training, 4250 N. High St.
This specialized personal training gym is geared for those 55+ years old. Find modifications for osteoporosis, arthritis, joint replacement, and back, hip, shoulder, or knee pain.

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If you feed off the energy of others, try group cycling. | Photo by @cycle614

For those who want to try something new

Peach Haus, 1046 N. 4th St.
This glute-inspired gym has classes like “Bootycamp” and “All About the Buns.” Classes start at $15 to drop-in, or you can choose from a variety of memberships.

The Bounce Club, 3967 Presidential Pkwy.
Fit Jump classes are full body workouts done on a trampoline, with the incorporation of weights and medicine balls.

Row House Fitness, 1643 W. Lane Ave.
The entire class is done on a rowing machine, which delivers a low-impact, full-body workout. Classes are 30 or 45 minutes.

Werk Dance Fitness, 358-A Hamilton Rd.
This high-energy class features dancing exercises to hip-hop, salsa, and Afrobeat music. Classes are $10 to drop-in or $60 for an unlimited 30-day pass.

Cycle614, 1636 Northwest Blvd.
Get ready to ride with local cycling classes. Instructors will take you through a cycling journey with music, lights, and switching gears.

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Would you do a workout class in the dark? | Photo by @melthouseoffitness

For those looking for intense sweat sessions

HOTWORX, Multiple locations
All sessions take place inside a small sauna, with the class streamed on a TV. Choose from cycling, rowing, yoga, pilates, and core classes.

System of Strength, Multiple locations
Classes like “Ebb + Flo” (which focus on recovery and strength) are complete with infrared heaters. Other class options like “In The Mix” are guaranteed to break a sweat.

REWILD YOGA, 995 W. 5th Ave.
Try power flow, slow burn, or power burn classes in a heated studio. Join a class or buy a membership if you plan on becoming a regular.

Bikram Hot Yoga Columbus, 947 W. 3rd Ave.
Try 90-minute hot yoga classes or hot pilates classes. Your first month is $49, and there are special classes designed for beginners.

Melt House of Fitness, 106 E. College Ave.
All sessions are in a dark, heated room. Try yoga, strength, cycling, pilates, and cardio.

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Hop on a trampoline at Studio86 Fitness. | Photo by @studio86fitness

For those working on flexibility

Stretch Zone, 1274 W. 5th Ave.
Practitioners will help you increase your range of motion and enhance your physical and athletic skills through a range of guided stretches.

Barre3, 1735 W. Lane Ave.
Go through low-impact exercises with cardio bursts and breath work. Your first barre class at this studio is free.

Core Moves, 1020 Dennison Ave. #304
The small group classes target strength, mobility, coordination, and balance. Try options like reformer pilates, postpartum classes, or spine align, which is geared toward spinal health.

Studio86 Fitness, 5076 N. High St.
Take pilates, barre, or stretching classes to focus on movement and flexibility. Cardio classes on personal trampolines are also available.

Seven Studios, 1488 Grandview Ave.
Try interval training, meditation, yoga, bar, pilates, and dance classes. Virtual classes are also an option.

Gear up

Don’t forget to set your movement adventure up for success with tried-and-true gym favorites.

Owala FreeSip water bottle | Stay hydrated at the gym with a beloved stainless steel bottle — you can get it as large as 40 oz. for max hydration.

Baleaf women’s fleece-lined leggings | Make facing workouts on chilly mornings easier with fleece-lined leggings — plus, choose how many pockets you want on them.

Silicone ear tips for AirPods | Earbuds will slip out at the gym no more thanks to simple silicone ear tips that keep AirPods in place.

Aesthetic Built scuba oversized half-zip hoodie | A roomy, soft sweatshirt with thumbholes and a kangaroo pocket.

Aesthetic Built perfect muscle scallop tee | This men’s tee was made to accentuate biceps, chest, and shoulders.

HOKA Women’s Clifton 9 Sneaker | Set your cardio workouts up for success with a sneaker designed to increase foot comfort and absorb the shock of high-impact exercise.

Heathyoga non-slip body alignment yoga mat | Beginners and advanced yoga students alike will love the alignment lines on this mat to take your form to the next level.

CRZ Butterluxe high-waisted leggings | These buttery-soft leggings feature gentle compression and are considered a Lululemon alternative by reviewers.

Bala Bangles | Ready to up the ante of any workout? Use Bala Bangles on wrists or ankles for added resistance.

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