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The warmest, coldest, and rainiest springs on record in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio often experiences extreme weather during spring — but what do record breaking springs look like?

CBUStoday Franklin Park

You know it’s spring when the pink leaves return to trees at Franklin Park. | Photo by @jwilschek

If you don’t like the weather in Columbus, just wait five more minutes.

That phrase has been perfectly encapsulated this year. Whether it’s storms in the morning, clear skies in the afternoon, or hail at night, this season has been unpredictable. However, we haven’t quite seen extreme weather like these record-setting years below.

The warmest spring day

The warmest spring day in Columbus was on May 31, 1911, according to historical data from the National Weather Service. Temperatures peaked to 96°, marking the second time that the record high had been broken that month. Here are the next four warmest spring days:

  • May 30, 1911: 95°
  • May 26-29, 1911 and May 10, 1936: 94°
  • May 9, 1896; May 18, 1962; and May 25, 1975: 93°
  • May 11, 1896; May 5, 1952; May 19, 1964; May 21, 1941; and May 15, 1991: 92°
CBUStoday spring columbus

Columbus nearly set a new high temperature record for this month, reaching 84° on Tuesday, April 16. | Photo by Andy Spessard

The coldest spring day

The coldest spring day in Columbus was on March 9, 1984, according to historical data from NWS. Temperatures dropped to -6° without the help of a wind chill. In other words — it was just flat out cold. We dug into more historical data and found temperatures were as warm as the mid-40s just three days prior. Here are the next four coldest spring days:

  • March 8, 1960 and March 1, 1967: -2°
  • March 17, 1900 and March 2, 1980: 0°
  • March 20, 1885; March 12, 1948; March 4, 1976; March 3, 1980; and March 5, 1983: 1°
  • March 6, 1901 and March 10, 1984: 2°
CBUStoday Quarry Trails rainbow

Stormy weather can often create scenic moments, like this one at Quarry Trails Metro Park. | Photo by Park Ranger Amber Huffman via @cbusmetroparks

Record rainfall in spring

Do you remember May 12, 2023? It’s currently the rainiest spring day for Columbus, accumulating 2.49 inches of rainfall, according to NWS.

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