How seven cities in Ohio earned their names

These seven Ohio cities were named after other major cities in the world. Learn what led them to their names.

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Dublin, Ohio has one of the largest Irish festivals in the world. | Photo via Visit Dublin Ohio

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Have you ever noticed that many cities in Ohio share the names of larger cities elsewhere in the world? It’s no coincidence — there’s a reason these cities earned their names, and we decided to dig deeper and find out why.


With many of the original residents being from Great Britain, it’s suggested that this is how the Madison County city earned its name.


John Shields, who surveyed this land in 1810, named the city after his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. The city commemorates its name with the Dublin Irish Festival every year.


As the home of Ohio University, this southern city was named after Athens, Greece, which is known to be the ancient center of learning.


The village was named after the major French city in 1837, but don’t let the pronunciation fool you. Here in Ohio, it’s pronounced “Ver-Sales.”


This small Adams County village was named after the surveyor of the land Nathaniel Massie, whose ancestral home was Manchester, England.


Home to Miami University, this city was named after the university town of Oxford, England.


This Ohio city was named after the capital of Peru to honor the malaria vaccine which was established there. It’s pronunciation, however, is “Ly-mah.”

What other Ohio city names stick out to you? Let us know, and we can dive into the history of those as well.

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