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Good news for Columbus.
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With more than 400+ responses from CBUStoday readers and followers, these are the top now-closed businesses that once called Columbus, Ohio home.
The NHL Stadium Series is on March 1, 2025 at Ohio Stadium where the Columbus Blue Jackets face the Detroit Red Wings.
Get ready to sample beers from 50+ breweries across the state while exploring the different museums at COSI at Columbus Brew Festival.
We compiled a list of the top 17 sushi recommendations from CBUStoday readers and followers. The next time you’re craving a roll, here’s where to go.
We want to know: Where is the best pizza shop in the Columbus area? Vote for your favorite to help us determine a champion.
Eat and Drink
Columbus chef Cara Mangini’s new book, “The Vegetable Eater: The New Playbook for Cooking Vegetarian,” will be available in mid-March with 100+ plant-based receipes.
Take a look at these events, pop-ups, and sports games happening in Columbus, Ohio throughout March 2024.
Subscribers voted, and Hanna will take action. Here are the results of her poll that asked how she should spend her extra day of the year.
From local galleries to displays of public art to top restaurants, here are the recommendations from the New York-based arts magazine.
Travel and Outdoors
Whether you’re seeking networking opportunities, ways to stay active, or simply new friendships — there are plenty of local clubs to join.
It’s a leap year, and City Editor Hanna wants your help figuring out how to spend her extra day. Make your choices in the poll below, and Hanna will do as you say for leap day.
The Columbus Department of Public Safety announced it will be replacing oversize trash bins with small, more efficient bins.
Columbus, Ohio has been placed on multiple lists that rank it among the top cities in the US for real estate, local business, and more.
Real Estate
Take a look at the top 10 most expensive homes for sale in Columbus, Ohio, including suburbs like German Village, New Albany, Westerville, and Dublin.
If you’re looking to rent in Worthington, these apartment complexes offer amenities ranging from resort-style pools to 24/hour fitness centers.
The expansion project will triple the distillery’s employment in 2024 and create an economic boost to the east side of Columbus.
Two other Ohio cities made the top 10, making the state one of the hottest in the country, according to Zillow.
Zora’s House, a women-focused nonprofit in Columbus, Ohio, will be featured on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” at the end of February.
From construction announcements to groundbreaking ceremonies, this guide is a complete look at development in Columbus, Ohio in 2024.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has deep roots in Columbus culture, dating back to the 1970s when a friendship began between the bodybuilder and a local promoter.
Columbus, Ohio has been to home to iconic restaurants, bars, and businesses throughout its history — but many of them have closed. Which were your favorite?

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