ARTnews magazine features a guide to culture and food in Columbus

From local galleries to displays of public art to top restaurants, here are the recommendations from the New York-based arts magazine.

CBUStoday Topiary Park 3.png

Find various bushes that have been carved into sculptures at Topiary Park. | Photo via Topiary Park

If you have art in your heart, you’ll appreciate the latest feature ARTnews magazine did on CBUS — The ARTnews Culture (and Food) Lover’s Guide to Columbus.

Author Daniel Fuller visited Columbus and tried each experience firsthand. “A part of me believes all art people should live in a city like Columbus, Ohio,” Fuller said.

Here are some of the spots that received special recognition from him:

Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

“If you like Peanuts, Spider-Man, Dick Tracey, Beetle Bailey, Krazy Kat, and Rube Goldberg, you’ll love [this museum],” Fuller said.

Topiary Garden Park

He was fond of the many figures sculpted in greenery in the Discovery District, ranging from human figures to monkeys to boats.

The Bottle Shop

Fuller reviewed many food and drink spots as well. He said Bottle Shop was “a perfect, festive way to finish the night, or in this case, my trip to Columbus.”

What other spots should be added to his list? Let us know.

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