The best dining spots according to Columbus, Ohio food bloggers

We talked to local food and drink bloggers to hear their thoughts on the best dishes and restaurants in the city.

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Comune is located at 677 Parsons Ave. | Photo by Brian Kaiser with @comune_restaurant

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When it comes to the Columbus restaurant scene, no one knows it better than local food bloggers. So, we talked with local experts, and they dished out some tasty insight.

If friends are visiting, what’s one restaurant you recommend they try?

Comune. The menu is so thoughtful and creative, and I enjoy their wine selection. I love that the dishes are shareable, which gives the opportunity to try so much more. Bonus that it’s next door to Parsons for a before or after dinner beer.” — @eatpour614

Rooh. It’s a more modern Indian cuisine, but every dish I’ve had is an explosion of flavors in my mouth. Everything from their cocktails to their entrees is so unique.” — @alexa__eats

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Try the french toast at Valter’s at Maennerchor if you’re craving something sweet. | Photo by @valtersmaennerchor

What is your favorite brunch spot?

“Valter’s at the Maennerchor. I love to start with an order of his wings for an appetizer then I either get the hangover skillet or sometimes I’ll mix it up and order the pancakes. It has fun cocktails and good coffee.” — @614feast

Skillet. I love the old, charming vibes.” — @alexa__eats

What restaurant makes the most Instagrammable cocktails?

“I love the cocktails at the Understory lounge. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a cocktail. Simple, but elegant. I get the Manhattan or paper plane.” — @eatpour614

Watershed Distillery Co.” — @columbus_foodie

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Cheers to a variety of fresh cocktails at Understory. | Photo by @understory_cbus

Where is your favorite place to go for dessert?

Lion Cub’s Cookies.” — @614feast

“The tiramisu at Pelino’s Pasta is the best ever. I’ve been tempted to go there JUST to order it. I was also recently very very happy with the pistachio cannolo from Speck!” — @eatpour614

Bake Me Happy (any of their cookie sandwiches).” — @columbus_foodie

What would your last meal be?

Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria, so I could binge on pasta.” — @columbus_foodie

“The veal meatball from Marcella’s.” — @alexa__eats

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