Answered: What closed Columbus businesses do you miss most?

With more than 400+ responses from CBUStoday readers and followers, these are the top now-closed businesses that once called Columbus, Ohio home.

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“City Center Mall... the BEST for many years.” — @amyjons68 | Photos via Columbus Metropolitan Library

These closed Columbus businesses are gone, but certainly not forgotten.

In fact, we’d argue these defunct storefronts are just as beloved today as they were when they were in their heydays. So we are doing what we do best — highlighting the things we love in Columbus. And this time, we have a little help from 400+ friends, readers, and followers.

City Center Mall, 160 S. High St.

This was one of our top responses from CBUStoday followers, with many nostalgic for the grandeur of the downtown shopping center. It closed in March 2009 due to sharply declining sales.

CBUStoday The Blue Danube

“My parents had their first date [at The Blue Danube] back in the early seventies.” — @devirgillioshawn | Photo via Google Maps

The Blue Danube, 2444 N. High St.

This bar had been in Columbus for nearly 80 years with many different iterations and versions. Once it featured a strolling violinist + upscale meals, and by the end it was a certified dive bar — dearly loved either way. It closed in 2018 despite efforts to keep it open.

CBUStoday Max & Erma's

“Max and Erma’s. Childhood fave, so nostalgic.” — @chynammorris| Photo via Wikicommons

Max & Erma’s, Multiple locations

Max and Erma’s was Columbus’ entry into the chain restaurant scene in the 1970s. It was known for its burgers, sundae bar, and outrageous decor, and the final location in Columbus closed in 2017.

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The iconic F. & R. Lazarus holiday display, in all its former glory. | Photos by David E. Lucas via Columbus Metropolitan Library

Lazarus, 141 S. High St.

This department store that was formerly in downtown remains a highlight for longtime Columbusites during the holidays. It closed in 2004 after the retailer shutdown nationwide.

CBUStoday Sweet Carrot

The original Sweet Carrot location in Grandview is now Hot Chicken Takeover. | Photo via @sweetcarrotcbus

Sweet Carrot, Multiple locations

This fast casual restaurant showed promise prior to 2020, but owners said it expanded too quickly which led to its closing in 2021. It now operates as a catering business.

CBUStoday Haiku

“Haiku! It was a great little sushi spot and my first date spot with my now husband.” — @hi_imarty | Photos via @haikucolumbus

Haiku Restaurant, 800 N. High St.

Many CBUStoday Instagram followers said they are still reeling over the loss of this Short North sushi spot. The restaurant closed in 2016 for new developments.

Keep the conversation going. Let us know your favorite closed Columbus businesses.

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