Celebrity encounters in Columbus, Ohio

Some A-list stars come to Columbus every now and then. Who’s the biggest star you’ve met? Here’s what some of our Instagram followers said.

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City Editor Hanna with LeBron James and his wife Savannah at separate OSU games. | Photo by CBUStoday

City Editor Hanna, here. After meeting former star of “The Bachelorette” Katilyn Bristowe at TownHall this week, it had me thinking of all the celebrity encounters I’ve had in Columbus.

From LeBron James to Guy Fieri, I’ve had the chance to shake the hands of some pretty big stars.

I decided to open the floor to our Instagram followers, and here are some of the celebrities they’ve met in CBUS:

“I was fortunate to meet Eddie George at Townhall a couple years ago. He is the nicest guy.” — @columbuscarrie

“Boyz II Men. Back when they were here filming for the Bob Hope special, during AmeriFlora. I was on the front page section of the metro in The Columbus Dispatch and everything.” — @msmandidoesgeo

“I met Drake Bell at @eatcityegg.” — @elliebuerk

“Eddie George (my favorite) Dom Tobari, Mike Doss, Jim Tressel, Joey Galloway, Robert Smith.” — @hotwheelszakk