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Columbus considered one of the best cities for paranormal activity

When it comes to seeing UFOs, Bigfoot, and other creatures, your chances are reportedly higher in Columbus, OH than other cities in the US.

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Forget Area 51 — Columbus has its own alien stories. | Photo via Canva

Is Columbus home to Bigfoot? Are aliens roaming our skies? Do spirits haunt the grounds beneath us? If you ask this online study, the answer is a resounding probably.

According to Lawn Love, an online yard care service provider, Columbus was ranked No. 15 in the US for paranormal activity. This had us wondering: did we miss something major?

It turns out we did, and it’s because it happened nearly 50 years ago. It’s the “WOW!” signal printout + it’s equally spooky as it is interesting.

In 1977, OSU researchers recorded a never-before-seen signal from space. The signal was so odd, then-researcher Dr. Jerry Ehman circled the signal and wrote, “WOW!” in red ink next to it. Experts widely consider this our first-ever contact with aliens as it has never been replicated since that fateful day. Though this has been disputed.

We can’t help but wonder: what were they trying to tell us?