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CBUStoday’s guide to finding local art on a bike

Hop on a CoGo bike and ride around Columbus, Ohio to find these locally made art pieces, murals, and scenic displays. Keep reading to find how to unlock one *free year of CoGo bike rides.

CBUStoday CoGo Short North

Always be safe when riding, which includes helmets and riding in the bike lane. | Photo via CoGo Bike Share

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Did you know there are 250 different bike riding routes via CoGo in Columbus?

That’s just one of the many reasons we are so excited to partner with them and the City of Columbus Department of Public Service this month. This partnership provides you with a *free CoGo annual membership ($85 value) and all you have to do is be one of the first 200 readers to refer CBUStoday to two friends.

    In honor of this local tandem, we wanted to share one of our favorite ways to use CoGo bikes — discovering local art. The mobile app makes finding bikes and parking stations a breeze, and we’ve done the legwork in finding a route full of art in the Short North.

    CBUStoday CoGo

    Ride past the fountain at Goodale Park while on this art tour. | Photo via CoGo Bike Share

    Start here: N. High Street + King Avenue

    This CoGo station is directly on the corner of these two roads just before the start of the Short North Arts District. Fuel up at the nearby Kroger, then head south. You’ll find murals on nearly every corner here, including some of our favorites:

    Next stop: N. High Street + Buttles Avenue

    Take a quick break in Goodale Park, or keep riding towards the North Market. Stop by Chase Park to see The Guardian, a towering sculpture overlooking the area.

    Keep rolling: Neil Avenue + Goodale Street

    Have you been to the new Summer Spray murals? These were created by 11 local artists and can all be found in on the corner of these two streets. You can also park it early here at the nearby station.

    Park it: Neil Avenue + King Avenue

    This is where your loop ends, but you can always ride longer thanks to your *free one year membership. Plus, we have another local biking guide all ready for you.