CBUS is the most polluted US major city. Here’s how to help

A new report found that Columbus, Ohio is the most polluted major US city for the second year in a row. Here’s the local nonprofits trying to change that.

CBUStoday Green Columbus

Help maintain local green spaces with Green Columbus. | Photo via Green Columbus

When it comes to pollution, a new study shows Columbus can do better.

According to a report by IQAir, a tech company that tracks air quality, CBUS is the most polluted major city in the US. Yikes — that’s not the good news we like sharing. So instead, we are sharing the top local organizations that are making a difference here so you can get involved.

Keep Columbus Beautiful

This nonprofit is ran by the Columbus government, and it’s known for hosting community clean-ups in various neighborhoods and suburbs.

Green Columbus

Get involved with this nonprofit focused on volunteer engagement, sustainable practices, local communities, and growing healthy trees.

Ohio Environmental Council

Help maintain local waterways, airways, and landmarks with this nonprofit that also pushes for clean energy.

What are some local ways you contribute to the local environment? Let us know below.