A local guide to navigating severe storms in central Ohio

When Columbus, Ohio faces severe weather, use this guide to keep you connected to local organizations, resources, and agencies.

CBUStoday pedestrian walkway closure

Bike paths and pedestrian walkways may be closed due to fallen debris in the path. | Photo via @wbns10tv

Whether your basement is flooding, or you just want to know more about city clean up efforts, severe storms in Columbus can cause a lot of questions.

So, after another run of extreme weather, we are trying to provide answers to as many questions as we can. Consider this a handy resource for quickly finding resources, organizations, and agencies making an effort.

Power outages

If you live within the city limits, Columbus has multiple options for getting more information or help. The city’s website offers a map to show current power outages + a phone number can be found at the bottom to report outages or downed lines.

Alternatively, AEP can provide an outage map via searching zip codes.


There are numerous steps to take if your basement begins to flood, and those are outlined via the city’s website. Most notably, the city advises extra caution in flooded basements where live electric wires can cause serious harm. If sewage begins to backup, an emergency hotline number is also listed online.

CBUStoday Scioto River flooding near Confluence Park

Water levels were dangerously high in the Scioto River near Confluence Park after multiple storms in April. | Photo via @wbns10tv

Hail storms

If you are unable to cover your car at home, we recommend finding a nearby parking garage in places like downtown or campus. If you are worried about parking prices, rest assured knowing one hail dent can cost upwards of $200 to fix.

Wifi outages

Depending on who your provider is, outage maps can be found online or through your account. Here are a few links to the most popular providers in CBUS:

Updates + alerts

Things move quickly during these kinds of natural events, and we rely on the good folks at 10TV for accurate alerts. Plus, check out the Doppler 10 severe weather safety guide for more tips.