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Students begin move-in day at The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio welcomes in thousands of students during move-in day as both prepare for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

CBUStoday Ohio State campus

The Ohio State University is a leader on the field, in the classroom, and in the research lab. | Photo via Canva

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Moving is always a heavy lift, but thankfully for students at The Ohio State University, they’ll have 14,000+ extra hands to help.

Today is moving day for new Buckeyes at OSU. If you’ve lived in the city long enough, you know that change is coming, and it applies to both students + long-time residents.

Move-in daze

More than 14,000 students are expected to move into 42 different dorms throughout today. Many will be making the move into a new off-campus home, resulting in unwanted items stacking up by garbage bins. The university encourages students to check out this online map for free drop-off locations for large items like couches.

Big bucks

Roughly 65,000 students are enrolled at OSU, according to last year’s enrollment data. Have you ever wondered what this translates to in terms of cash? We did. The university reportedly made $8.8 billion in total revenue for the fiscal year 2023, with tuition and fees comprising $1.8 billion. For context, Ohio Stadium was built for $1.3 million in 1922, which is the equivalent to $18+ million according to an online inflation calculator.


The Buckeyes sang Carmen Ohio after the win. | Photo by CBUStoday

College gameday pro

Don’t miss a minute of the football games on Saturdays by bookmarking this 2023-24 schedule for the Buckeyes. This is also a great reminder that roads like Lane Avenue and N. High Street will be busy on the weekends. We will admit, Saturday during the game is the best time to restock on groceries.

Yearbook quotes

What’s a first day without some Buckeye pride? Here’s what students had to say about the upcoming year:

“There’s just something in the air on campus during the fall. There’s no place I’d rather be!” — OSU student Sam Bonofiglio.

“I’ve made lifelong friends and I can’t wait to spend another year in the place I love.” — OSU student Zac Collin