Columbus ranked No. 10 best running city in America

Runners will have a hard time finding a better city to lace up + hit the pavement.

CBUStoday jogger Daniel Reche Pexels.png

Do you think Columbus is properly ranked? | Photo by Daniel Reche/Pexels

When it comes to the top cities in America for runners, Columbus is running circles around the competition.

ARRIS Composite, a global manufacturing + technology company, ranked Columbus as the No. 10 best running city in the US for 2023. We’re not sure what’s a bigger flex: this achievement, or being one of only three non-west coast cities in the top 10.

The study measured factors like air quality, average distance to a park, and average rain fall to determine a score where Columbus earned 64 out of a possible 100 points. Not too bad considering no other city in Ohio made the cut.

Where are you favorite spots to run in the city? Let us know + we’ll feature responses in a future newsletter.

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