Columbus Zoo & Aquarium welcomes in new baby mandrill monkey

The Zoo staff reports the newborn monkey is thriving with his parents.

CBUStoday new monkey.png

The newly born mandrill monkey is the firstborn for Malaika + Mosi. | Photo via Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Do monkeys host sip and sees after a newborn enters their lives? We sure hope so because this new mandrill monkey at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is stealing our hearts.

On Sun., Oct. 16, the mandrills Malaika and Mosi became a monkey mom + dad after giving birth to a boy. This adorable creature is currently unnamed which brings us to a fun game: What would you name the new monkey?

The Zoo isn’t seeking submissions, but we are. Send us your best name for this mini mandrill and we’ll share a few of our favorites once it’s officially named.

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