Comfort food through cultural dishes in Columbus, Ohio

Find comfort food dishes from across the globe, including Indian, Ethiopian, and Somali cuisine.

CBUStoday Aab India

When the garlic naan looks like this, we recommend geting extra. | Photo via Aab India Restaurants

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When the weather is cooling off, nothing beats comfort food — but it doesn’t have to be the typical chicken noodle soup you’ve grown accustom to. Instead, Columbus is a melting pot of authentic cuisine from around the world that is sure to warm you up + fill you up.

When you’re craving a different kind of heat 🔥

Hoyo’s Kitchen, a Somali restaurant in the North Market Downtown, features rice bowls with different protein + stew options. Protein options include goat and chicken while stews range from chickpea to lentil. Looking to spice things up? Try the spicy rice as your base and keep a drink close by.

When you’re craving soup + carbs 🥣

It’s hard to find a more satisfying first bite than dipping your garlic naan into a warm bowl of chana masala, an Indian stew made with chickpeas. At Aab Indian in Grandview, you can choose from the aforementioned chana masala, or other Northern Indian dishes like the chicken tikka. Just make sure to get an extra helping of fluffy Basmati rice on the side.

CBUStoday Nile Vegan

Find Ethiopian combination platters including lentils, okra, and mushrooms. | Photo via Nile Vegan

When you’re craving a bit of everything 🍛

We recommend the local Ethiopian spot Nile Vegan, with locations in Grandview + near OSU’s campus. The restaurant offers combination platters of various stews that are perfect for dipping + scooping up with injera — a fermented sourdough bread. Try the red lentils with okra combo which also comes with curried potatoes.

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