A holiday love story in Columbus, as told by ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT to write a holiday love story about Columbus. It detailed a couple enjoying the holiday season at the Columbus Zoo, Forno, German Village, and Jeni’s.

Columbus Commons lights

You can’t go wrong with a visit to the Short North (pole). | Photo by @mmramz

We asked ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence site, to write a holiday love story about Columbus. Here’s what it came up with:

“In Columbus, love bloomed under Wildlights’ shimmering canopy at the Zoo, where Sarah and Jake’s laughter echoed amid the festive glow. Wrapped in scarves, they continued their enchanted evening with dinner at Forno in the Short North, savoring warmth and shared dreams.

The charm of German Village‘s local shops beckoned, their love growing amidst the twinkling lights. With hands entwined, they culminated their festive night with sweet delights from Jeni’s ice cream, each flavor a chapter in their Christmas love story, written in the heart of Columbus, where every moment sparkled like the city’s holiday spirit.”

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