How City Editor Hanna will spend her extra day of the year

Subscribers voted, and Hanna will take action. Here are the results of her poll that asked how she should spend her extra day of the year.


Stay tuned for a video compilation of the day. | Photo by CBUStoday

Hanna, here. Hundreds of you voted to help me decide how to spend the extra day of the year, and as promised, I will do as you said. Here are the results:

Wake up and smell the...

Coffee. I’ll head to Bada Bean on W. 5th Avenue in the morning for an iced vanilla latte with almond milk.

Head to work at...

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. I’ll work at the Franklinton location — 462 W. Broad St.

Get some afternoon exercise by...

Jogging and walking down a local trail. I usually walk the Scioto Mile, and even jog up and down the stairs outside of COSI for some extra work.

Grab dinner at...

Press Pub on 5th. I’ll press my fork into a wedge salad and wings— the perfect pair.

Enjoy evening entertainment by...

Attending a local sporting event. Cheering on the Buckeyes is my favorite thing to do, so thank you for choosing this option.

Thank you for voting and all of your amazing suggestions.

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