Asked: Why do you love calling Columbus home?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re looking for feedback from our readers on why they love calling Columbus home. We’ll share the responses in our February 14 newsletter.

CoLOVEbus mural | Photo by @mx.gay_photography

What do you love about Columbus? | Photo by @mx.gay_photography

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, Feb. 14, and we want to shine a light on all the lovely things about our city.

Why do you love calling Columbus home? Are there any restaurants, local businesses, or city traditions that get extra love from you? We’ll go first:

  • City Editor Hanna: I love the big-city feel while also having a sense of community among each suburb. And cheering for the Buckeyes doesn’t hurt.
  • City Editor Mitch: I love Saturday mornings when the roads are still mostly empty and businesses are just opening up. Nothing beats grabbing a quick breakfast at local restaurants like Fox’s Bagel & Deli.

Be sure to send us your responses for a chance to be featured in our February 14 newsletter.

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