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Spaghetti Warehouse trolley feedback from CBUStoday readers

Our CBUStoday readers shared their feedback on the renderings of the proposed Spaghetti Warehouse trolley car dining space.


The renderings show booth seating with a curved roof. | Rendering via Spaghetti Warehouse

The new downtown Spaghetti Warehouse requested feedback on its planned trolley seating, so we turned to you, our readers, for your opinions.

Some think the new design is missing the appeal the original trolley had:

  • “Doesn’t look like a trolley at all. No charm or historic feel. If this is all that can be done, my advice is to skip the concept entirely.” — reader Tracy K.
  • “It’s too sterile. The nostalgia of the old place is missing.” — reader Rhonda J.
  • ”...Nothing like a street car at all! Tell me they couldn’t rebuild the streetcar dining area just like the old one from the old place.” — reader Mike L.

Others felt the theme was totally on brand:

  • “I think that this is a great idea, doing the trolley theme.” — reader Paul J.
  • “I’m glad they’re bringing the trolley theme back! Smart move.” — reader Leah P.

Do you agree or disagree with your fellow readers? It’s not too late to share your thoughts.

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