Former owner of “Little Eater” releasing new book in March

Columbus chef Cara Mangini’s new book, “The Vegetable Eater: The New Playbook for Cooking Vegetarian,” will be available in mid-March with 100+ plant-based receipes.

CBUStoday Cara Mangini The Vegetable Eater book

Cara Mangini is an award-winning author, chef, restaurateur, product developer, teacher, and speaker. | Photos provided by Cara Mangini

A former Columbus chef + author is proving plants can be the centerpiece of your plate with her new cookbook.

Cara Mangini, award-winning author and former owner of “Little Eater,” is ready to release “The Vegetable Eater: The New Playbook for Cooking Vegetarian.” The book is jam-packed with 100+ plant-based recipes broken into 33 sections, and it will be available for purchase on Tuesday, March 19.

Mangini is returning to Columbus at the end of the month to talk about her skills in the kitchen and on the keyboard, but those conversations are sold out. It’s for good reason, too. The talented author previously published “The Vegetable Butcher,” which received critical acclaim from TIME Magazine, Epicurious, and The Washington Post.

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