5 locally brewed Christmas ales to try this season

The holiday season has arrived in Columbus, Ohio and local brewers are releasing their specially made Christmas ales. Here are our favorites.

The beers will be pourin’ at Beerfest 2022. | Photo by @ColumbusBrewingCompany

Make a toast to the holidays with these Christmas beers made in Columbus. | Photo by @columbusbrewingcompany

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We love surprises during the holiday seasons, but when it come to our beer — we don’t leave things up to chance. That’s why we are cracking open these locally brewed Christmas ales this season.

Tracksuit Santa

  • Brewery: Columbus Brewing Company
  • Availability: On-tap + to-go
  • ABV: 7.8%

This spiced holiday ale is what you imagine when you think of quintessential holiday scents and flavors — bright orange peel with packs of spicy cinnamon and ginger.

Nice Christmas Ale

  • Brewery: Combustion Brewery & Taproom
  • Availability: To-go
  • ABV: 5%

Consider this blonde ale as a great introduction to holiday brews, featuring notes of vanilla + cinnamon. If you want to bolster your beer, switch to its counterpart: Naughty Triple IPA (11.1% ABV).

CBUStoday Combustion Brewing Clintonville

If only we could enjoy these holiday beers on the patio. | Photo via @combustionclintonville

Grapefruit Frozen Grove

  • Brewery: Land-Grant Brewing Co.
  • Availability: On-tap + to-go
  • ABV: 7%

Not all holiday beers have to be heavy and dark — just check out this winter wheat ale. Its juicy, citrus flavor serves as a reminder of the warm days of summer amid the cold winter nights.

Pecan Holiday Ale

  • Brewery: Parsons North Brewing Company
  • Availability: On-tap + to-go
  • ABV: 6%

Who needs a slice of pie when you can have a glass of this locally brewed treat? It’s nutty, rich, and sweet, making it the perfect beer to drink in front of the fireplace while watching holiday classics.

CBUStoday Understory.png

Pro tip: You can find Wolf Ridge’s holiday ales at Understory. | Photo via @understory_cbus

Home for the Holidays

  • Brewery: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
  • Availability: To-go
  • ABV: 7.5%

Avoid the cold during the holidays with a winter warmer that features sweet notes of molasses combined with orange peel, ginger, and cinnamon. And, if you plan on staying home for the holidays like the beer suggests, you may want to bring an extra six pack of Midwest Goodybe Winter Lager (6%).

Did we miss your favorite Christmas ale? Send your suggestions our way and we’ll add our favorites to our fridge.

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