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Walk through Columbus’ history with a free digital archive

“Then and Now” is a free downloadable catalog of the early days of Columbus, Ohio, including facts, photos, and more.

CBUStoday historic postcard

This postcard dates back to 1910, according to the local historian’s research. | Photo via “Then and Now”

If you didn’t know by now, we are big fans of local newsletters. And a new dispatch from the Columbus Historical Society has us digging through the archives.

The local historians featured “Then and Now: A Photo Walk in Downtown Columbus from the Early 1900s to the Present” by Emil R. Pinta and Susan E. Scritchfield. This free and downloadable book is rich with local history. We’ll give you the Spark Notes version, and we’re sure you’ll be hungry for more.

  • This is a 35 year project by Emil and Susan. The two were just dating when they began and later got married.
  • Susan passed away in 2018, which led to Emil finishing the project in 2020.
  • The photos are framed as a walk. You start in the south end of downtown and end near the old Chittenden Hotel.
  • In addition to photos, the book includes maps, postcards, and personal memories.
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