Immersive Disney-themed art exhibit lands in Columbus, OH

More than a million pixels come together to create a wall-to-wall art exhibit showcasing Disney animations.


What’s your favorite Disney movie soundtrack? | Photo via @lhimmersive

With Disney installations replacing Van Gogh, it’s a whole new world for Lighthouse Immersive. And the good news is, you won’t need a magic carpet to visit.

On Thursday, April 6, this massive art complex will unveil its new animated Disney characters and scenes experience. By utilizing large protectors, the gallery is able to showcase the Disney artwork on larger-than-life scales, depicting photos and videos on the walls, ceiling, and floor.

The gallery has access to Walt Disney Animation Studios, which allows them to span decades of Disney characters. This means you can explore the ocean depths with Ariel, or take a tour of the tundra with Elsa. Just beware of any villains that might takeover an area from time-to-time, like Scar or Bastion.

CBUStoday Lighthouse Immersive 2.png

Both modern and classic Disney characters will be featured. | Photo via @lhimmersive

While viewing the projections, Lighthouse offers ways to learn about the characters or scenes and their creation. These various displays depict history; whether that’s how artists hand-animated characters before computers, or the countries that inspired scenes in classic films.

Tickets are available now for the experience + selling quickly for opening day. Luckily, you have some time before this is stashed away in the Disney vault, too. The exhibit is set to be open nearly every day until the end of June.

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