Keep your playlist local with these Columbus-based bands

Add these 12 recommended songs to your playlist + thank us later.


CAAMP recently played at Nationwide Arena, marking the first time the band performed in the local stadium. | Photo by CBUStoday

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Whether you’re making a road trip back home for the holidays, or just in need of some fresh tunes, these Columbus-based bands are sure to make it on your next playlist.


Genre: Folk, indie, bluegrass
Latest album: "Lavender Days
Recommended songs: "Vagabond,” “Ohio,” and “All the Debts I Owe

Started by frontman Taylor Meier and guitarist Evan Westfall, both hailing from Upper Arlington, CAAMP is on its way to stardom. The group has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as being featured on former President Barack Obama’s 2022 Summer Playlist.

Parker Louis

Genre: R&B, soul, blues
Latest EP: "Lifted
Recommended songs: "Say Less,” “Rise,” and “Only Fire

Standing as the namesake + lead vocalist of the band, Parker Louis brings a multi-instrumental group together to create soulful blues rich with infectious guitar melodies. The band continues its streak of success as it just opened for CAAMP at Nationwide Arena last month + was featured on COLORSxSTUDIOS’ YouTube with 1+ million views on the video.

The Cordial Sins

Genre: Shoegaze, indie rock, grunge
Latest release: "Dog Days
Recommended songs: "Not Enough,” “Cruel,” and “Sick of the Hype

Led by co-founders Liz Fisher and Corey Dickerson, this band has been on the rise since performing on Audiotree’s YouTube + at Nelsonville Music Festival in 2019. Both provide vocals and guitar for the group, and Liz takes it to the next level by providing lush textures to songs with her violin.

Girl Fox

Genre: Rock, alternative, indie rock
Latest single: "Drama King
Recommended songs: "Straight Jacket,” “Something Special,” and “Laura

With high energy and plenty of guitar shredding, we recommend playing these songs loud. Vocals + guitar are from Ryder Delavern and Tru Payne Roberts, and you can catch them at Rumba Café on Friday, Dec. 23.