Ohio State men’s basketball open practice

The OSU men’s basketball team hosted an open practice for fans and media followed by a Q+A session before the upcoming season.

OSU bball

Senior transfer Tanner Holden guards freshman Brice Sensabaugh. | Photo by CBUStoday

As the OSU men’s basketball team is gearing up for the season and their exhibition game on Tues., Nov. 1, they opened up a practice at The Schottenstein Center to the general public. Fans decked out in scarlet and grey + media members gathered around the court to watch Team 124 in action.

The team ran through drills with high intensity — multiple rebounding drills, five-on-five scrimmaging with limited time on the clock, and free throws to finish it out. From a media perspective, it wasn’t recognizable that this is practically a brand new team with six freshmen and four transfers. The sense of chemistry was visibly strong.

At the end of practice, each team member introduced themselves to the crowd + Coach Chris Holtmann finished with a Q+A session. When asked about the difficulty of the schedule this season, Holtmann said, “For a coach, the toughest opponent is the next opponent.”

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