Q+A with Justice Sueing

We talked with Ohio State basketball forward Justice Sueing at Media Day.


Forward Justice Sueing is a redshirt senior. | Photo by CBUStoday

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After sitting out all but two games last season due to an injury, Justice Sueing is back to 100%or as he said at media day, 110%. We talked with the forward on his return and leadership for the upcoming season.

What went into your decision to return to Ohio State and play this year?

I was weighing a lot of factors professionally and if I wanted to play another year of college basketball after being here for a while. But I couldn’t see myself being anywhere other than Ohio State with the bond I’ve grown with the coaches and some of the players here. I couldn’t leave without having a year under my belt that I felt like I’ve made an impact on this program.

This is going to be a young team, how is the chemistry so far?

It’s early, but at the same time we can feel the direction that it’s headed. It’s been going really well and a lot of the younger guys have been able to gel in with us and it feels really comfortable. That’s the great part about being a part of this program is that everyone embraces who we are and we’re all going to figure out a way to make it work.

As a leader on this team how can you perpetuate the chemistry and team building?

We’re very inclusive with anything we do on this team, whether it’s off the court or on the court. We let it be known that what we’re trying to do here is something special and I think some of the young guys have embraced that, which is honestly great to see. We’re going to get after it this preseason and I think a lot of our potential will be brought out during the next couple weeks and I’m really excited for that.

Being from Honolulu, how does it feel to get to play in Maui for the Maui Invitational?

I’m really excited, I haven’t been over there to play since my first year in college. It’s a great tournament and I don’t think anyone’s complaining about going over there especially when it’s getting cold here.

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