How to start a community garden in Columbus, Ohio

Agriculture right here in the city brings the community together. | Photo by @growingandgrowthcollective

Agriculture right here in the city brings the community together. | Photo by @growingandgrowthcollective

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We’ve already talked to you about community gardens in Columbus, but today we’re breaking down how to start your own. Did you know that the City of Columbus has land set aside available to transform into community gardens? Read on to find out how you can affect change beautiful, green, delicious change — by starting a new garden in the community.

Shop properties + apply

The city’s Land Redevelopment Division accepts applications to use available Land Bank properties as community gardens. Once you’ve found the land parcel you wish to license, drop off or mail in your application — applications are accepted year-round. You’ll need to include details like a site plan, how you’ll make property improvements, and how you’ll fund the project. See the full list of application requirements.

Familiarize yourself with the regulations

If approved, you’ll sign a Garden License Agreement with the city, agreeing that the land parcel can serve as a community garden for one year. Each parcel of land is $50.00 for the year and $10.00 to renew for future years.

You’ll want to make sure the garden meets zoning + building code regulations — check out the city’s guide to meeting community garden regulations.

Bulk up on resources

The city has a plethora of resources devoted to helping community garden projects thrive, including:

    • A free water containment system
    • Free cubic yards of top soil
    • Grants to help fund gardens
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