Summer Spray 2022 murals now complete in the Short North in Columbus, Ohio

Stop by the Short North to find 10 new murals made by local artists.

CBUStoday Pierce Davis mural

Find free parking at Goodale Park to quickly walk to the murals. | Photo via @shortnorthartsdistrict, mural by @pierce_davis

After months of hard work + crushing cans of spray paint, the Summer Spray 2022 murals in the Short North are complete.

Through the efforts of 10 local artists, 10 new murals have popped up in the local arts district all along a 1,300-sqft wall on W. Goodale Street near N. High Street. While some artists were born in Columbus, others now live here, or call the Buckeye state home.

Most recently, Columbus-based artist Stephen Davis finished his mural with a powerful social message. Stephen, who attended the SACI Institute of Art in Florence, Italy, painted a Black hand coming together with a white hand to create a heart over the city’s skyline.

CBUStoday Catherine Kaleel

Colorful characters join the previous muralist in this painting from Catherine Niemeh Kaleel. | Photo via @shortnorthartsdistrict

Others, like Catherine Niemeh Kaleel, were more meta with their approach. The Clintonville-based creator used a bright yellow backdrop and added a depiction of the previous artist working on his mural. (Here’s his psychedelic mural, too.)

Want to see the full wall? The Short North Arts District plans to unveil it on its Instagram page soon so stay tuned for updates on social media. There’s also been plenty of updates shared along the way, including these highlights:

If you’re like us and can’t wait, all 10 murals are on display now in the Short North.

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