The bagel shops locals love

Head to these four places for the bagels and cream cheese of your dreams.


Adding pastrami to your Lox sandwiches is always a good idea.

Photo via @markx050

There’s nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee on a Saturday morning followed by a bagel stacked with cream cheese and other delectable fillings. Whether you’re a classic breakfast sandwich or a lox bagel kind of person — here’s your go-to guide to local bagel shops around Columbus.

🥯 The Lox Bagel Shop, 772 N. High St. #106
This Short North shop serves hand-rolled bagels you can grab plain with cream cheese or fancy jam or as a variety of Insta-worthy bagel sandwiches. Try this: An egg + cheese sandwich with pastrami and avocado added.

🥯 Sammy’s New York Bagels, available for delivery
“Ohio’s Best New York Style Bagel” is great for bulk bagel orders to eat at home with classic flavors like blueberry, everything, and pumpernickel plus special seasonal flavors (cranberry or pumpkin, anyone?). Bonus: Find these bagels at Katzinger’s Delicatessen.

A bagel with lox and cream cheese held up close to the camera.

A Sammy’s bagel in action at Katzinger’s Deli.

Photo by @katzingersdeli

🥯 Block’s, 6115 McNaughten Rd.
The Bexley location serves up countless bagel varieties like salt, poppy, and apple cinnamon plus lots of bagel breakfast combos. Try this: The Bagel Breakfast, a bagel with a scoop of cream cheese plus a coffee for $3.99.

🥯 Bonus: Brekkie Shack, 1060 Yard St.
While not a bagel shop, we have to shout out this brunch spot’s cheesy, saucy bagel sandwich for those looking to bite into an extra-gooey everything bagel delight (the “Cheesiest Egg Sandwich” on the menu).

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