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The northern lights were visible across Ohio

A rare and extreme geomagnetic solar storm made the northern lights visible across Ohio. Did you see them for yourself? Share photos with us for a chance to be featured.


City Editor Hanna’s dad shared this picture with her from northwest Ohio. | Photo provided by reader Joe W.

Due to a rare and extreme geomagnetic solar storm, the northern lights were visible across Ohio on Friday, May 10.

This storm was not anticipated very far in advance, only within days leading up to the weekend. Understandably, many of our readers and followers were bummed that they missed out, including me...

Hanna, here. I only learned of the visible northern lights when my dad sent me the picture above from northwest Ohio. I quickly hopped on Instagram to see hundreds of Ohioans sharing their views of the sky as well. It was breathtaking.

Browse beautiful scenes from across the state, and then please do us a favor. If you took photos of the northern lights over the weekend, send them our way and let us know where you snapped the picture. We’re working on another montage for your viewing pleasure.

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