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30 volunteer opportunities in Columbus, Ohio

This list of volunteer opportunities in Columbus, OH includes everything from dog walking to art gallery tours.

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The Franklin County Dog Shelter is located at 4340 Tamarack Blvd. | Photo by @franklincodog

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Maybe you have some extra time on your hands, or maybe you’re just in the giving spirit. All we know is there are more than enough great causes in Columbus to support with your time. Whether you’re an animal lover, an artsy type, a natural mentor, or a healthcare enthusiast — there’s a nearby volunteer opportunity for you. Here are 30 ways to get involved in Columbus.

If you’re an animal lover

    For the outdoorsy types

    If you’re interested in healthcare

    • OhioHealth | Find volunteer opportunities at 15 different Columbus-area hospitals.
    • Mount Caramel | Teens, college students, and adults have options to volunteer with patients, visitors, families, or provide pet therapy.
    • Nationwide Children’s Hospital | Lead the way through public areas of the hospital or provide toy washing and playroom maintenance.
    CBUStoday Nationwide Childrens Hospital butterflies

    These butterflies are visible to pediatric patients + their families. | Photo via Nationwide Children’s Hospital

    If you want to help your neighbors in need

    • LifeCare Alliance | Deliver food through the Meals On Wheels program or assist in the local food pantry.
    • The Columbus Dream Center | Help those experiencing homelessness by serving meals, gardening to provide nutritious meals, or volunteering when individuals come in for showers + laundry to make a relationship with them.
    • Andrew’s House | Serve community meals, assist with yard work, or help your neighbors with cleaning and painting projects.

    Natural-born teachers and mentors

    If you’re passionate about supporting local minority groups

    • Brown Girls Mentoring | Assist young Brown girls with self-care, self-image, and leadership.
    • African American Male Wellness Agency | Contribute to the six initiatives of this organization — fatherhood, financial health, health and wellness, mental health, research, and mentorship.
    • Special Skills Sports | Volunteer at various sports camps that are designed for those with developmental disabilities.
    Columbus Museum of Art

    If you have art in your heart, volunteer at CBUS’ biggest art museum. | Photo by @columbusmuseum

    The artsy types

    • Cultural Arts Center | Volunteer at community events such as the Columbus Arts Festival.
    • Columbus Museum of Art | Provide museum tours, help with fundraising activities, or become a gallery educator.
    • Wexner Center for the Arts | Assist patrons at events, provide arts-related education through programs, or guide visitors through galleries.

    Supporters of veterans

    • VA Central Ohio Health Care | Become a wheelchair escort, help with clinical needs, or assist in operational tasks like answering phones and driving veterans to appointments.
    • VFW Department of Ohio | Volunteer in areas like sports and recreation, arts and music, or transportation services.
    • Honor Flight Columbus | Assist with fundraising, administrative tasks, or become a guardian to support veterans on a trip to Washington DC.

    For the handy individuals

    If you’re on a tight schedule

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