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Columbus neighborhoods if they were zodiac signs

Your home, your favorite coffee shop, your daily commute aren’t just written in the skyline — they may be written in the stars.

CBUStoday Westerville

This Columbus suburb offers close proximity to Otterbein University. | Photo via City of Westerville

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One of the most loveable things about Columbus is the distinct character found in each neighborhood, suburb, and corner of town. They all have their own personalities and purposes — some would say it was written in the stars. Let’s take a look at how our neighborhoods align with the zodiac signs.

Aquarius: Old North | Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The unique businesses of the Old North embody the eclectic nature of an Aquarius.

We recommend stopping by Kafe Kerouac for late-night, café style cocktails paired with live performances like comedy shows, music, or poetry. Popular local restaurants are also in the area, like Mikey’s Late Night Slice and Ray Ray’s Hog Pit.

Pisces: Westerville | Feb. 19-March 20

Westerville provides the perfect escapist moment for a Pisces to relax.

This historic suburb offers multiple parks, including access to the Hoover Reservoir Park for any Pisces looking for a relaxing afternoon. And, if a social battery recharge is needed, spend an hour or two inside the Westerville History Museum to learn more about your area.

CBUStoday skyline at night

Did the stars align for your neighborhood and zodiac sign? | Photo via Canva

Aries: Downtown | March 21-April 19

Known as the passionate and confident leader of the zodiac, an Aries would feel right at home downtown.

Whether you are attending political meetings at the Ohio Statehouse or leading a chant at a Columbus Blue Jackets game — downtown is your happy place. Things may get hectic around you thanks to all the events, nightlife, and nearby sporting events; but that’s okay because you’re leading your friend group to all of these with a perfectly planned agenda.

Taurus: Campus | April 20-May 20

As a lover of loyalty, you’ll feel right at home on The Ohio State University campus.

You love the Ohio State Buckeyes in every way imaginable. Whether that’s watching away games at the Varsity Club with cheap beers or waking up bright and early to tailgate, you don’t miss a Buckeye beat.

Gemini: Short North | May 21-June 20

The extroverted nature of a Gemini means they tend to be the life of the party with all kinds of people — similar to the Short North.

Nightlife is always exciting in the Short North, with popular bars like Standard Hall, Pint House, and Union Café. Plus, the eccentric Gemini might find a new piece for their luxury apartment thanks to all the local art galleries in the neighborhood.

Let your opinion be heard on parking in the Short North. | Photo by Amish Oza via @shortnorthartsdistrict

What’s your favorite local business in the Short North? | Photo by Amish Oza via @shortnorthartsdistrict

Cancer: Clintonville | June 21-July 22

The sentimental and gentle nature of this sign is the perfect match for Clintonville.

This quiet neighborhood is perfect for starting a family, as it offers close proximity to many local schools. Plus, everyone can enjoy pizza from Harvest or a brunch from Katalina’s Too. Did we mention the farmers’ market, too?

Leo: Franklinton | July 23-Aug. 22

Franklinton is a perfect fit for the welcoming and proud nature that a Leo embodies.

This suburb continues to grow as one of the most popular arts districts in the city, thanks to local businesses in the area planting roots like 400 West Rich, Land-Grant Brewing Co., and The Vanderelli Room. Don’t miss out on Franklinton Fridays each month in the summer with local vendors offering vintage goods, handmade art, and more.

Virgo: Worthington | Aug. 23-Sept. 22

This earth sign has very practical and grounded qualities, making the Worthington suburb a perfect fit.

Whether you are zooming through nature with ZipZone Outdoor Adventures or making the most of the city during Third Thursdays in the historic downtown, this spot will leave a Virgo’s busy mind feeling right at home.

Libra: German Village | Sept. 23-Oct. 22

German Village’s active, yet small-town vibe is just as balanced as a Libra.

Spend your day looking for a local book at the German Village Book Loft (with a Stauf’s coffee in-hand). And when the night strikes, old haunts like Beck Tavern can transport any city dweller back to their farm town roots.

Start your summer reading with a trip to The Book Loft of German Village. | Photo by @cassidys.bookmark

Get lost inside this local bookstore with hundreds of options. | Photo by @cassidys.bookmark

Scorpio: Bexley | Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The aura of Bexley’s picturesque boulevard perfectly encapsulates this water sign.

Known for its tight-knit neighborhood, it’s hard to drive through any street in Bexley and not find a perfectly manicured front yard. The retro feel of the Drexel Theatre only adds to the picture-perfect scenes in this neighborhood.

Sagittarius: Polaris | Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As an adventure seeker, you’ll be able to make a speedy getaway from Polaris with the closest access to many major highways.

Looking to get away? Of course you are — you’re a Sagittarius. Pick up some vintage clothes from Stash House at the mall + head out on your next adventure that is sure to make everyone jealous on Instagram. The hardest decision will be choosing which highway to take: I-71, I-270, or SR-315?

Capricorn: Dublin | Dec. 22- Jan. 19

With how hardworking you are, this city will suit you perfectly as its bubbling with development and potential.

Thanks to all the growth near Bridge Park, Dublin is one of the fastest growing suburbs in central Ohio with new apartments on the way to attract young professionals. But life can’t be all work and no play. That’s where bars like 16-Bit and Pins Mechanical can provide some much needed R&R.

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