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How the Columbus’ highway system extends across the country

How far can you drive on a highway in Columbus, OH? We looked at the numbers + found anywhere from New Jersey to Colorado made the cut.

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What highway do you find yourself using most often? | Photo via Canva

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They say all roads lead back to Ohio, and we’re here to prove it true.

Did you know Columbus is within 10 hours of 45% of the US population thanks to its central location? That had us thinking: what’s the furthest you can drive on a highway in Columbus? And today, we’re inviting you to ride with us as we cruise through the numbers.

🛣 North + South

  • US 23 | Spanning 1,400+ miles, you can head north to Mackinaw, MI, or south to Jacksonville, FL.
  • US 33 | Take this down to Athens, OH and Richmond, VA, or make your way to northern Indiana.
  • US 62 | This highway doglegs its way through the state with exit points in Pennsylvania + Kentucky.
  • I-71 | With end points in Cleveland + Louisville, KY, you’ll hit all three major Ohio cities on a 340+ mile interstate.
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How often do you travel away from the city? | Map via Google

🛣 East + West

  • US 40 | Go west to Denver, CO, or east to Baltimore, MD on this highway that goes through 12 states.
  • I-70 | This 225+ mile interstate cuts directly through CBUS + all the way to Indianapolis, IN and Pittsburgh, PA.
  • I-270 | Whenever you hear “the outerbelt” in Columbus, this is what people are referring to. It circles Columbus + hits many popular suburbs like Dublin and Gahanna.
  • I-670 | Think of this like a connector to other highways like I-70 + I-270, as it is a bridge between downtown, Grandview, and Gahanna.
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