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Answering reader questions about Columbus highway projects

Read up on three different highway construction projects in Columbus, OH that could impact your daily commute.

CBUStoday highway construction

Construction is on-going for this major bridge installment in downtown. | Photo by @6drone4

With 151 million people within reach of Columbus in just a day’s drive, it’s no secret that the city relies on highways and roads.

So, when detour signs pop up and closures happen, questions are sure to follow. That’s why we are answering the top questions from CBUStoday readers on highway construction projects around Columbus. Buckle up — we’ll drive you through the details.

I-71 and I-70 in downtown

We’re taking a look at this massive project after an ask from reader Ron A. Currently, it’s in the midst of two different phases that total $500+ million in improvements and changes, including new bridges, deck replacements, and exit enhancements. ODOT expects the first phase should be complete in fall 2025, while the second phase should wrap up in fall 2026.

I-270 and I-70 near Brice Road

CBUStoday 270 70 Brice Road

The construction site can be found near the right of the photo, including the interchange at Brice Road. | Rendering via ODOT

This ask comes from reader Danielle C. via our construction submission forum. ODOT is currently installing eastbound interchange improvements on this major rehab project. Construction began in summer 2022 and should end in summer 2025. Here’s what you can expect once it opens, per ODOT.

  • New directional ramp from I-270 southbound to I-70 eastbound (to replace existing loop ramp)
  • Reconfigure ramps from I-270 north to I-70 east to Brice Rd. to reduce weaving and merging
  • Add eastbound ramp lane on I-70 between I-270 and Brice Rd.

US-33 and SR-161

CBUStoday US-33 and SR-161

The loops will be huge curves to help reduce traffic jams at the interchanges. | Rendering via ODOT

If you’ve been wondering about this project, thank reader Donna S. for submitting her question for us to dig deeper. This $40+ million project is redesigning the US-33 and SR-161 interchange. It will eliminate left turn conflicts at the entrance of US-33 with two new loop ramps. And, it should be finished by spring 2025, according to ODOT’s current timeline.