Tony Hawk’s visit to Dodge Park skate park in Columbus, Ohio

Did you know Dodge Park’s skate park was designed by Frank Peter Rupert Hawk, Tony Hawk’s dad?

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Legendary skater Tony Hawk visits the skate park designed by his father in Columbus. | Photo by Kevin Staab via Facebook

When we heard the news legendary skater Tony Hawk made a trip to Columbus this week, we had to know more.

Tony was visiting the skate park at Dodge Park, which has been in the city since 1990. Its history proves all roads lead back to Ohio — even Tony Hawk’s.

According to a Facebook post, Tony’s father, Frank Peter Rupert Hawk, was approached by Columbus officials in 1988 to design a public skate park. Frank, who had built a reputation as a ramp builder, accepted the job. Once finished, the 16+ acre park had vertical skating features including three drop-in bowls.

Frank passed away in 1995, five years after the park’s opening, yet the park has been a popular place for local skaters for 32 years now. Tony — who had never been to the park until this week — took to Facebook to post a photo of him doing a nose grab off one of the concrete ramps, stating, “This one’s for your dad.”

And through the years, the park’s history might be starting to show. Plus, shortly after opening in 1990, Tony said the park was considered “outdated” as more skaters preferred street skating. Tony has a suggestion: can this park be resurfaced + updated for the next generation?

So we are asking you — what do you think about an update to the skate park? Per our research, we found some community traction in 2018 to begin meeting about revamping the park, including a now closed petition. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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