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Super markets: 5 alternative grocery stores in Columbus

Browse five grocery stores in Columbus, Ohio that offer rarer items, such as snacks from other countries, hard-to-find ingredients, and specialty drinks.

CBUStoday Lucky's Market

What’s your go-to grocery store? | Photo by CBUStoday

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Your weekly trip for groceries doesn’t have be the same old routine. Break out of your rut and add these alternative supermarkets to your cart.

Sunrise Asian Market, 1920 W. Henderson Rd.

Whether you’re looking for soft shell crab — that is still alive, if that’s your thing — or frozen vegan pot stickers, it’s all here. The produce selection is strong, with options ranging from bok choy to durian. Plus, find familiar favorites from Asian brands, such as instant ramen, coffee, candy, and even mayonnaise.

Lucky’s Market, 2770 N. High St.

If Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s had a baby, it would be Lucky’s Market. This Clintonville grocery store has organic and health-conscious selections for many items + an incredible bakery, deli, and butcher. Pro tip: The salad bar is great for lunch on-the-go.

Yao Lee Supermarket, 2848 N. High St.

If you can’t find what you need at Sunrise, there’s a chance this Clintonville market has it. Despite offering many of the same types of items, numerous Yelp reviews report that Yao Lee Supermarket often has different brands. This store focuses more on shelf-stable goods, frozen foods, and affordable dishware.

CBUStoday Trader Joes

Prepare to change the way you shop for food with spots like Trader Joe’s. | Photo via Wikicommons

Trader Joe’s, Multiple locations

The online legends are true: Trader Joe’s has great produce, frozen food, and snacks, and it’s all at an affordable price. Nearly everything is delicious at TJ’s, but here are a few of our favorites: “Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning,”, campari tomatoes, and Mediterranean-style hummus dip.

Saraga, Multiple locations

As one of the biggest international markets in Ohio, Saraga is a melting pot for all cultures and backgrounds. There are items from all over the world here, ranging from Africa to Vietnam. This is also a favorite store of vegans and vegetarians in CBUS as many different countries — such as India — have delicious plant-based options not commonly found elsewhere.

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