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Cobra opens as a “good night bar” in the Brewery District

Find handmade noodles, craft cocktails, and local beers at Cobra, the newest bar that opened in the Brewery District of Columbus, Ohio.

CBUStoday Cobra

This location was previously a Panera before Cobra reimagined the space. | Photo by @614foodchecklist

Columbus’ newest bar isn’t all bite — it’s got drinks, too.

Cobra: A Good Night Bar is now open at 684 S. High St. in the Brewery District. With handmade noodles and high quality cocktails, the local spot is far from your average late-night bar. Where else can you feast on a bowl of mushroom ziti with scallions at midnight? (Seriously, let us know, we’ll go there next...)

Cobra has four owners, and they bring years of local experience in the nightlife scene. Co-owners Alex Chen and Jack Bennett helped open Watershed Kitchen + Bar, and co-owners David Yee and Josh Spiers both were working at Oddfellows before Cobra.

The location has local experience, too. The building was originally The Clairmont, a popular restaurant of 65+ years. It was eventually replaced with a Panera Bread that closed in 2021. Now, Cobra resides inside this 5,200-sqft building, boasting a full kitchen, patio, and parking lot.

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