The Sexton’s brothers present: Sexton’s Burger Bar

The new burger joint in Gahanna features burgers, fries, and soft-serve in a diner-like environment. A patio will open in the warmer months.

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The crispy edges turn a smash burger into a lace burger. | Photo by @thatsandwichdude

One year after Dave Portnoy changed the lives of local business owners by promoting their restaurant with an 8.1 Barstool Sports pizza review, Sexton’s Pizza has delivered a new concept — Sexton’s Burger Bar.

The Sexton brothers have mastered pizza in CBUS, but they are branching out with this new concept. Although there are other smash burger establishments in the area, this is thought to be the first “lace burger” of its kind in Columbus.

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City Editor Hanna interviewed Joey Sexton inside the new establishment. | Photo by CBUStoday

“It’s a smash burger, but we create lace on it,” owner Joey Sexton explained. “You smash it the meat like most people would, but then you angle your smashing tool to get the edges paper thin and very crispy so it almost sticks to the grill.”

Customers can order from three different burgers and a side of fresh-cut fries or soft-serve ice cream.

The best part? The new burger joint — 921 E. Johnstown Rd. — is only two doors down from Sexton’s Pizza in Gahanna. You can bring pizza over to the burger shop and eat a little bit of both if you can’t choose.

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The burger bar is in the same complex as Sexton’s Pizza. | Photo by @thatsandwichdude

The new concept by brothers Joey and Jamey Sexton comes in partnership with their friend Stephen Jordan and former OSU football star Braxton Miller.

With the help of Miller, this will hopefully be a spot where OSU athletes feel at home. The exterior will have a patio with plans for cookouts, a TV, and opportunities for tailgates to watch OSU football games.

The interior emulates a retro diner vibe. “We felt like we wanted to put something in Gahanna that we wanted to go to,” Sexton told us.

Sexton’s Burger Bar is open Tuesday-Saturday from 4-9 p.m. and Sundays from 4-8 p.m.

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