Find nostalgia by digitally exploring the old COSI

The Old COSI website offers a chance for long-time residents of Columbus, OH to relive their memories of the popular science museum before its modernization.

CBUStoday old COSI exterior.png

Did you get the chance to visit the old COSI? | Photo by Eric Upp/Old COSI

If you are one of the many who explored the inside of the former COSI, you know the nostalgia that comes with those memories.

It’s the bright red sign out front, the smell of square cheeseburgers being cooked up next door, and the sounds of excited kids getting off school buses. While we can’t channel all of that from the 90s, we can relive parts of it through photos — and that’s what the Old COSI website is doing.

CBUStoday Christopher Inn.png

The circular building next door is the former Christopher Inn Hotel. | Photo via Old COSI

This website, created and maintained by Eric Upp, is a pure time capsule for the long-time residents. Each page offers the chance to explore different areas of the past, including the exterior of the museum, the multiple exhibits, and even nearby landmarks and businesses.

Throughout the years, some things have changed, and others have stayed the same at COSI. For example, the iconic pneumatic balloons still stand on display for kids and families to play with. On the other hand, things like the space area, home to the John Glenn Mercury Capsule, has seen major upgrades, including a state-of-the-art planetarium.

CBUStoday old COSI main floor.png

A multi-view look at the main floor at the old COSI. | Screenshot via Old COSI

If you want a true experience, we recommend starting at the very beginning: the admissions desk. Next, stop by the lobby to see the pendulum, which is still swinging today, but with aesthetic changes. Then, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure — do you want to go to the gift shop, or the down to the main exhibit? Regardless, we’ll all meet back up at the dinosaur exhibit.

Do you have any photos of the former COSI? Break out that old floppy disc and send them our way.

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