Gov. Mike Dewine + Ohio State Fair release long-term vision for fairgrounds

The historic fairgrounds will see many changes, including building renovations, demolition, and more.

CBUStoday Ohio State Fair.png

The Ohio State Fair looks to increase guests experience in the future with these change. | Rendering via the Ohio State Fair

The Ohio State Fair has been a staple in Columbus since 1886, and soon the historic event could receive a touch of modernization.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced on Thursday, Dec. 8 the Expo 2050 Framework, which includes plans to overhaul many parts of the Ohio State Fairgrounds. While there’s no timetable or estimated costs just yet, we wanted to take a closer look at what’s to come for this 360-acre area.

  • Demolish 20 existing buildings such as the Bricker Building + Rhodes Center.
  • Renovate seven buildings including Taft Coliseum.
  • Construct 15 new buildings like an Agriculture Pavilion and a new entertainment center.
  • Redesign various entry points such as the “OHIO” entrance to be more grand and eye catching.

Want to read over the full plan? Check out this Dropbox link with renderings + a complete PDF of the framework.

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