Where to get ramen in Columbus, Ohio

Kyushu brings the comforting, umami flavors. | Photo via @yagun.eats

Kyushu brings the comforting, umami flavors. | Photo via @yagun.eats

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Try to ramen calm, but there are 10 great spots in Columbus for ramen — here’s where to go for a rich Tonkotsu, a great sake menu, gluten-free choices, or a heated patio to slurp on. 🍜

Ampersand Asian Supper Club, 940 N. High St.

  • Go for classic Tonkotsu or indulge in small plates like the steamed buns or messy fries. Gluten-free folks, the Fungus Among Us ramen can be made gluten free — plus, the restaurant will swap out gluten-free tamari for soy in other dishes upon request.
  • Pro tip: Reserve the tatami room — a semi-private Japanese sitting-style table — for a group of friends or a special date night.
We’d happily dive into this chicken miso ramen. | Photo via @ampersandasiansupperclub

We’d happily dive into this chicken miso ramen. | Photo via @ampersandasiansupperclub

Satori Ramen Bar, North Market at 59 Spruce St.

  • Enjoy broth varieties like miso, chicken and daikon, spicy pork, or vegetable.
  • Pro tip: Spice lovers, try the Kara Kapow! with Satori’s house-made chili sauce.

Kyushu Ramen Noodle Bar, 1280 W. 5th Ave.

  • This ramen shop is the new kid on the block — it opened in April of 2022. Choose from a Classic or Black Garlic Tonkotsu, or indulge your fried chicken cravings with the Karaage Ramen.
  • Pro tip: Go for the Pan Fried Gyoza appetizer.

Oshio, 974 W. 5th Ave.

  • Oshio specializes in sushi, but you’ll find Pork Ramen and Vegetable Ramen on the menu.
  • Pro tip: The range of choices on the menu make this the ideal spot if you’re the only member of your party craving ramen (aka, a person of taste).

Kirin Noodle, 4227 N. High St.

  • Choose from 12 ramens, including classics like Chashu Shoyu with pork or Tomato + Cheese — a tomato-based soup with chicken, vegetables, and cheese.
  • Pro tip: For an app, try the Chicken Karaage, a Japanese-style fried chicken.

Fukuryu Ramen, multiple locations

  • Sink into traditional bowls like the Signature Tonkotsu or modern bowls like the Red Dragon, with chicken bone broth, ground chili pork + pork belly available in three spice levels.
  • Bonus: Keep your eye out for Fukuryu merch designed by local artists in the restaurant’s Artist Series collection (reminds you of a certain online CBUS store, no?).
Fukuryu’s Shoyu ramen comes with a perfect egg on top. | Photo via @fukuryuramen

Fukuryu’s Shoyu ramen comes with a perfect egg on top. | Photo via @fukuryuramen

Meshikou Ramen, 1506 Bethel Rd.

  • Meshikou has plenty of ramen choices like a Shoyu Chintan Ramen with clear chicken broth, kikurage mushroom + a marinated soft egg. Enjoy thin straight noodles or wavy noodles.
  • Pro tip: Check out the sake menu.

Tiger and Lily Bistro, 19 E. Gay St.

  • This Asian-inspired restaurant has a full menu, including ramen options like the Tiger Tail w/ Chicken — caramelized chicken chashu with straight noodles, corn, scallion + nori.
  • Pro tip: Head to Tiger and Lily for Sunday brunch. There’s traditional Chinese breakfast crepes + Hong Kong style egg waffles.

Hiro Ramen & Tea, 4800 Sawmill Rd.

  • What’s better than a hot bowl of ramen delivered to you by a robot server? Grab Black Garlic Ramen + Spicy Miso Ramen right out of your servers — er, trays?
  • Pro tip: Hiro Ramen is something of a dumpling paradise — we recommend trying the shrimp shumai or the steamed pork buns.

Slurping Turtle, 4049 Worth Ave.

  • If you get a ramen craving while shopping in Easton Town Center, try Slurping Turtle’s Duck Fat Fried Chicken ramen or the Shrimp Sio ramen.
  • Bonus: Enjoy a heated patio in colder months.
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