Manchester City and Chelsea FC set to play match inside Ohio Stadium

Manchester City and Chelsea FC, two of the most popular soccer clubs from England’s Premier League, will play in August in Columbus, OH.

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The Shoe will also host an NHL game in 2025. | Photo by @johnhueth

Ohio Stadium is known for football, but in August — it will house fútbol.

Manchester City and Chelsea FC, two soccer clubs from the Premier League in England, will play a match inside Ohio Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 3 as part of the 2024 FC Series . Tickets go on sale Wednesday, March 27 at 10 a.m., and a 24-hour early window will be open for pre-sale tickets.

Both the Columbus Crew and The Ohio State University agree: This is a big score for the city.

“This match up truly puts Columbus on the international stage drawing fans from all over the United States and beyond,” said Xen Riggs, Ohio State Department of Athletics Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

It’s the second time in Columbus history that an international soccer game will be hosted here, and it will feature two of the best soccer clubs in the world. They are the only clubs to win multiple Premier League titles in the last decade.

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