The Buckeyes battled in the world’s most famous arena

The Ohio State men’s basketball team gave their best shot to the UNC Tarheels in an overtime battle in Madison Square Garden.


Take a look at these 14 pro athletes from Ohio State. | Photo by CBUStoday

It’s not everyday you can cheer on the Buckeyes in Madison Square Garden, so we couldn’t resist making the trip to NYC to cover the CBS Sports Classic.

The environment was electric, but UNC fans highly outnumbered the Buckeyes. With spectators in shades of blue covering the arena, OSU was booed as they ran out onto the court for warm-ups, and the booing never really stopped.

But if the Bucks were impacted, they didn’t show it. Led by Brice Sensabaugh with 22 points and Bruce Thornton with 17 points, OSU battled into overtime with the reigning national runner-ups, before ultimately losing 84-89.

That’s a wrap on the Big Apple Buckeyes. Catch them at home again Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 8:30 p.m. If four players can score double digits in front of thousands of roaring Tarheels fans, imagine what they could do in front of you. Grab tickets.

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