Try This: Tranquility Salt Cave in Columbus, Ohio

This unique cave is filled with 10,000 pounds of Himalayan salt. Try services and experiences ranging from sound baths to Halotherapy to foot baths.

Salt cave at Tranquility Salt Cave | Photo by CBUStoday

The cave is closed on Tuesdays. | Photo by CBUStoday

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Tranquility Salt Cave is a hidden gem that people have traveled across the country — and even across the world — to visit. Here’s why it’s worth a visit for you, too.

Cave quick-hitters

  • The cave, located at 30 Dillmont Dr., is made of 10,000 pounds of non-toxic Himalayan rock salt boulders imported from India and Pakistan.
  • Co-owner Leslie Dahn said she created the salt cave to help others feel relaxed, unplug, and be calm.
  • As you sit in the cave with relaxing music playing overhead, pure salt is diffused into the salt cave, which Dahn says removes toxins from the air you breathe.

Salty testimonials

Dahn said many clients have reported the following after their visits:

Crystal light bed | Photo by CBUStoday

Would you try the crystal light bed? | Photo by CBUStoday

Salt cave services

The salt cave has the following items on the service menu:

  • Halotherapy
  • Infrared sauna for an intense sweat
  • Detox foot bath
  • Full body heated massage bed
  • Heated vibro acoustic biomat to improve stiffness and joint pain

Try it for yourself

The cave and other wellness center services are open for individual sessions or monthly packages of unlimited sessions.

Monthly events are also available. Here are some of the upcoming February events:

  • Hypnosis for Love | Sunday, Feb. 11
  • Galentine’s Day in the Tranquility Salt Cave | Monday, Feb. 12
  • Guided Meditation in the Salt Cave | Saturday, Feb. 17
  • Full Moon Sound Bath in Salt Cave | Friday, Feb. 23
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